🔗Referral Codes

Exploring the Referral Code Section on Blud: Sharing Is Rewarding!

In the Referral Code section of Blud, you have the opportunity to earn "A points" by inviting others to join the platform.

Here's how it works:

Access "Referral Code": Click on the "Referral Code" button. View Referral Codes: You'll see 5 referral codes listed. ✅ denotes "not used," while ❌ denotes "code is used."

Share with Your Network: Share these referral codes with your community, friends, or followers, encouraging them to join Blud through your unique link.

Earn A Points: Every user who joins Blud through your referral link will earn you A points, which you can later use for various benefits.

Sharing is not only caring but also rewarding on Blud!

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