Invite-Based Registration

It's as easy as a friendly chat. Join Blud through exclusive invitations and build a network of like-minded folks who share your vision.

Buy and Sell Shares

No more complexity! Invest in Telegram users and their communities effortlessly. Your potential is as limitless as your imagination.

Be at the forefront of SocialFi trends. Discover the coolest Telegram profiles and seize exciting opportunities as they happen.

PNL Tracking

Keeping tabs on your investments? Blud makes it a breeze. Check your Profit and Loss with a single glance.

Activity Tracking

Stay in the loop! Blud keeps you updated on every transaction and activity related to your SocialFi ventures.

Earn A Points

This is where the fun starts! With every buy, sell, and invite, you earn A points. And guess what? These points unlock a world of exciting opportunities and surprises.

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